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Crane OCR System

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Suraj Informatics IT Infrastructure LLC, Crane OCR automatically identifies container and equipment details when landing and unloading.

Our fully integrated Crane OCR Container System, which automatically reads and records the ISO Code of containers, is the way it is managed by the STS Crane. The Crane OCR System connects the crane (PLC) logic control to activate and process data. The sophisticated image acquisition and recognition system is attached directly to the crane and is connected to the crane control system.

Crane Management Solutions

Suraj Informatics Optical Character recognition (OCR) solutions, either on the door or on the dock cranes, allows you to achieve three major improvements in one:

  • Automatic container weight capture and transfer of information to other systems
  • Automatic identification of containers and terminal tractors to ensure the right container is in the right place
  • Containers can be moved more safely to an extraordinary remote loading and unloading office when people are taken under a terminal crane or barrier complex.

The benefits of Crane Management Service or OCR installation on cranes are numerous, but the number of employees under the cranes, one of the dangerous tasks in the terminal, has declined significantly.

Crane OCR System Devices and Application

OCR Camera

OCR Application


Pc/ Desktop

What is C-crane?

C Crane Systems comprise all hardware and software components for direct connection to container processing plants. Can offer a rich range of possible elements, including; Harmful images, permeability, hazardous labels and reading and reporting numbers (terminals tractor) in which the container is moved. This system also performs operations where the cranes are either platform or without platform.

Our Crane OCR System includes a variety of durable, high-performance digital camera blocks attached to crane structures designed for all standard containers. This container code information is processed by the crane computer connected to the crane.

The OCR results of the container as well as all other extended entries on offer are collected and then transferred to a central server. The holder’s OCR results are delivered in seconds for the usage data and contains the data required for the operation, including the container number, size/type, path to the images and other important information.

The Crane OCR System is a clear task for Kyle operation after terminal automation. However, Crane OCR also automatically releases and confirms parking instructions and TOS commands in real time for manual terminals for increased productivity and safety.