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End User Training

End User Training

Training of the end users is one of the most important steps for a effective system implementation. The end users must be used during parallel testing, so training will need to be rolled out prior to that. Getting the end users involved at this point is also a good method to get them excited about the system, as many of them might not have been included with the project before preparing. Their assistance in parallel testing will help them to get ready when the system goes live.

Solutions for Training

There are two conceivable solutions for training. The first is to use project team members to create and convey the end user training and the second is to identify a training partner to help the development and delivery of end user training, including a train the trainer segment. Both options will be completely explored during the next phase of the project.

NVR/VMS Training
Education of Networking Basics

Complete Physical Setup :

End users great at utilizing the system in more of a “real world” situation and can judge when process streams are not working. When everyone involved with using the system is included in the training, they will feel more confident about utilizing it as they go into production and the client network will view the implementation as successful. The system may have been verified for functionality and all customizations are working accurately, but if the end users don’t know how to utilize it or feel comfortable with it, then the launch of the new system will be seen as unsuccessful. Therefore, the timing of the end user training is essential and must be planned for and implemented prior to the start of the parallel test phase to ensure a successful implementation.


By using the members of the project group to conduct preparation for the various sections will permit the end users to be better informed about how and why the system was developed. The functional professionals on the team will be more familiar with the Suraj Informatics system.