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Demo Cameras

For large or complex projects, some of the time one wants to perceive how an imminent camera will perform under some critical conditions.

A residential security system is becoming more and more important due to the increasing crime rate and theft around us. They are able to provide us with video footage, whether live or recorded, inside our property.

Several leading camera manufacturers give cameras for project evaluation through endorsed affiliates like Suraj Informatics. We facilitate the demo camera application for our customers, depending upon a few project factors

Demo Camera Service Details:

Typically for larger camera projects, we provide camerasMost common for HD / Multi-megapixel IP camerasRequires project approval from camera manufacturer. Interested in Demo Cameras for your project? Reach Us today to find out more details.

Suraj Informatics IT Infrastructure LLC specializes in integrating CCTV systems in operational procedures requiring automatic identification. CCTV deployments range from small up to securing whole terminal facilities.

Typical CCTV deployments by Suraj Informatics include:

Effectively integrated through PASS, the operator is given a single user interface to get an overview on an entire area, monitor & overrule any entrance control related items and trigger single button actions. By giving a single user interface to manage the entire process, the terminal benefits by doing less training and reducing maintenance efforts.

Face cameras integrated in driver Cabins or OCR lanes to recognize & record people accessing the terminal.
Surveillance cameras in Gate lanes working remotely due to automation, alerting an operator of vehicle presence.
Surveillance cameras at STS cranes, recording load/discharge cycles and serving as a back-up to OCR systems.
Surveillance cameras at secured areas to visually patrol the area.