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Gate Automation

Gate Automation System

Boarding and exiting terminals has long been a bottleneck, as traffic in the world’s naval and intermodal facilities increases. This overload and the cost to staff to accommodate them have led to the widespread adoption of ORC Gate Automation technology in door areas. Gate OCR Portal System provides centralized optical character recognition (OCR), identification and inspection of container goods and devices entering and leaving the terminal with live trucks.

Truck OCR Portal with Latest Technology

The Gate Automation OCR system supports you in planning, tracking and monitoring all container movements at your terminal, from arrival to departure, including booking, document processing and billing. In addition to the planning solutions available so far, the Gate OCR Portal System offers you the opportunity to fully optimize your ground and quay works.

Gate Automation System Devices and Application

Automated OCR validation and monitoring of people and devices moving inside, outside, and inside a container facility increase operational productivity, safety, and security.

IP Camera

RFID Reader


Pc/ Desktop


Boom Barrier

Software and Application

Gate OCR Automation solutions make OCR container installations safer, more environmentally friendly and more productive. Suraj Informatics Gate Automation OCR System increases the flow of the door significantly measured in movements per hour without expansion or more staff. This significantly reduces the cost of operating the door. Faster use of doors reduces congestion, improves traffic flow and reduces emissions. People monitor and deal with the exceptions of a control room that excludes the risk of accidents on the tracks.

Gate Automation Software
Latest OCR Application