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Suraj Informatics IT Infrastructure LLC, Gate OCR Technology has been marketed in dozens of terminals around the world and has been taken over by various government programs and port authorities. All systems use state-of-the-art cameras, solid-state lighting and powerful OCR motors. These systems have consistently demonstrated high reliability and overall accuracy.

The performance of the OCR module is critique of the image Acquisition sub-system. Imaging units must include optical and lighting solutions to generate images of sufficient quality (focus, resolution, contrast and uniformity) of the container identification number under all operating and environmental conditions (sunlight, sun exposure, night, severe weather conditions and contaminated numbers).

Gate OCR Portal Services

Nowadays, most associations are paperless and Suraj Informatics Optical Character Recognition or Gate OCR Portal Services are the perfect to reduce paper costs and pave the way for digitization. Suraj Informatics offers Gate OCR advantages by consolidating the latest innovations in procurement and improvement.

Our group of specialists in Gate ORCR Portal changes files in their entirety or selects components in automated documents. Digitization allows these flexible copies to be stored, viewed, retrieved and customized, as required by humans or machines. In addition, these digitized documents can be used effectively in document management systems and in hosting on websites.

Gate OCR Portal Devices and Applications :

In the field of data management, we also focus on data security. Confidentiality agreements are concluded with our employees and legitimate security efforts are maintained to ensure that all information is protected. Our services help reduce costly tasks and take a long time to manually collect data by saving significant operating costs.

OCR Camera



OCR Application

Gate OCR Portal requires character recognition and transformation on an ASCII content image that looks like a word processor. Detection is affected by the type of file to be checked.

Features of the Gate ORC Portal :

High recognition accuracy.
High-format storage.
Solution for customers who need to use information and extraction.
Change old documents like manuscripts to digital text.
Complete cleaning up with 99.9% Accuracy.
Squander recordings and PDF images to electronic organizations without re-formatting.