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Proximity Warning & Alert System

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Suraj Informatics has exclusive Proximity Warning and Warning System with rear/multiple camera control. It is working on Active RFID Technology to detect personnel and objects in a predetermined safety zone around vehicles, machines and hazardous areas and can deliver everything around the view of the system with a robust camera and a display system.

Our system adapts to all mobile/static vehicles/machines and can be set up to set up exclusion zones around hazardous areas and high-quality systems.


Devices and Application used in Proximity Warning & Alert System


RFID Reader

Wiressless Accesspoint

IP Camera

Proximity Warning

Alert applications


Our system provides an Acoustic and Visual Warning to drivers when a person with a transponder tag or other sensor equipment is detected when entering the Safety Zone and is in a defined vicinity of their machine. It is an effective way to help organizations significantly reduce the risk of collisions between industrial vehicles and personnel.

The system consists of the following elements:

Proximity Warning and Warning System (PWAS)
Proximity Control
Data Recorders
External Visual Audio Alarm
Tag Transponder
Portable Device for Data Recovery
Transponder Beacon Verification Device

Warning System Applications:

Developed with our knowledge and experience in technology identification, our entire range of Suraj Informatics Applications will significantly improve on-site security. Each of our applications can function as a standalone system or as part of a combined solution.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology enables to establish detection zones around vehicles, systems, intersections and gateways.

Active labels can be used in a variety of ways: worn by employees, adapted to goods, or installed around hazards. Once the tags are in operation, the Proximity Alert System identifies the tags when they enter the detection area. An acoustic visual alarm is then generated to warn drivers of the tight distance between the label and the vehicle.