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Railway OCR

Suraj Informatics Rail OCR Portal System takes the next step to ensure significantly improved tracking and identification of containerized goods through the track.

Today, intermodal rail operations play an important role in the global supply chain. Taking advantage of the technological monitoring solutions implemented by many European and North American railways and cargo operators, many shipping companies and their partners have started to use intermodal transport options to reduce costs for their customers and reduce the environmental impact of cargo traffic.

Suraj Informatics Rail OCR and tracking systems help manage this recent growth by using proven automation systems to improve productivity and keep operational costs low.

OCR Rail Portal

If the number of containers shipped by rail continues to increase, the same applies to automatic inspection, identification and inventory of rail containers. Our OCR Rail portal offers a solution for remote visual inspection and automatic identification of containers and cars. It comes with a high-resolution CCTV cameras and other Train OCR software, this identifies, tracks and archives the image and equipment number information of a passing train.

Rail OCR Portal Devices and Applications :

OCR Camera



OCR Application

Rail OCR and Tracking Systems

OCR Railway Portal of SIPL takes the next step by providing significantly improved tracking and identification of containerized goods by rail. Thanks to Railway OCR dedicated software, through which operators can process every train passage. The system is flexible enough to provide identification and detection of rail equipment and containers for the following operational scenarios:

Shipping Container Terminals.
Traditional Intermodal Ramps
Multi -Tenant Interchange Buildings
Next to the Main Tracks at High Speed