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Video Analytics Solutions for Transportation Services


In a world where terrorism remains a very real danger, in which vandalism, theft and other crimes are all too prevalent, the safety of transport services has not been more important. Whether it is airlines, buses or railways, mass transport providers need to ensure that their transport providers are protected, both for their safety and that of customers. Video analytics technologies can be a powerful instrument in providing security solutions for this particular business.


Smart Video and Advanced Video Analytics

Before, Safety Movie was somewhat restricted. Live people had to be on site in order to monitor security feeds, and feeds had to be continuously monitored if something went wrong. The security camera does little to prevent breaches at the time of the event if there is absolutely no one to capture the event on the security monitor.

With further technological improvements, but that is about to change. With the use of new video analytics applications, also known as smart video, homeowners have more energy than ever before with video security performance. Among the many benefits of new security systems is remote accessibility: Security systems can be accessed 24/7 from any computer with web access. Strong, multi-layered security programs help maintain the internal security of the program, so that only authorized employees have access.

Why movie analysis is so “smart” is its ability to examine video in real time. Video analysis applications can differentiate unique elements of an image, distinguish people from their surroundings, detect movement, identify objects, and even understand faces! These surveys can then be used in many unique ways to improve your transportation safety efforts.

Video Analysis –


For the train and the bus, security methods will need to be able to work both in stations and on vehicles as they move. Intelligent Video Surveillance System and Video Analytics Applications can work in almost any environment, mobile or stationary. Their powerful investigative tools are constantly working and the choices are absolutely open for how best to use them.

The most common program is used in alerts and automatic alarms. If something normal happens, such as a person entering an after-hours bus terminal, or unauthorized employees entering restricted areas, film analysis apps can detect the intrusion, can trigger on-site alarms in addition to providing email or other notification to all essential personnel. so that they can take prompt and appropriate action.

In airports in particular, but also in train and bus stations, another stress is the unattended bag. Video analytics apps can actually retrieve items that have been left-handed for a given amount of time and send alerts and alarms based on events like this as well. With the right hardware, the program can also be used to trigger different systems in the event of an alert: like turning lights off or on, unlocking or locking doors and much more.

The Advantages of Video –

Using Video Surveillance Management Applications can dramatically increase the security of your transportation services. Whether it’s the railroad, the airport bus, or the line, the right software can do a lot of good in helping reduce crime. The higher security will be noticed by customers and increase their satisfaction.

Plus, while you work to make your transportation service more secure, your movie analysis apps can do more for you. Evaluate traffic patterns, density avenues, peak times and more. This information can then be used to improve service by properly monitoring staff to respond to peak hours, or perhaps just placing staff in the appropriate areas to make your support more efficient for your customers.

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